Where Do Former Pro Wrestlers Work at Now? (WWF, WWE,

A pro wrestling career does not last forever. So the people who portray these wrestlers must return to a life of normality. This video pays testament to the …

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  1. lamb of God says:

    Paul Bearer works at a funeral home? Thats funny. 

  2. George Nicula says:

    Judging from the ones I know to be bullshit (Shane Douglas and Justin
    Credible still wrestle full time on the indy circuit, Virgil travels doing
    conventions and whatnot) I’m guessing the whole thing is bullshit….

  3. maak says:

    if you go into wrestling and come out of it still needing work you should
    have not done it. All your dedication and the toll on your body was wasted

  4. James Bayliss says:

    RIP Luna Vachon and Paul Bearer

  5. Jia Vinieze Divine Lopez says:

    Like the video if you’re watching in 2015, and can you guys tell me what
    the music in the back round is called?

  6. Patrick Karnes says:

    Some of this may be right but a lot is not. Some are dead, akeem was also
    one man gang and I don’t know if he is even still alive

  7. Dan Prefontaine says:

    That’s very predictable that godfather runs a strip club.

  8. GroddOfWar 777 says:

    These are pretty fun, i like the subtle satire! 

  9. Joseph Ellinger says:

    What’s the song

  10. Ken S says:

    I gotta check out The godfather’s club!!

  11. Jibwa says:

    The Godfather owns a strip club. That is one of the greatest coincidences

  12. MrOmareffendy says:

    paul bearer is death

  13. JAZZ says:

    2:35 There is no way Justin Credible is a bus boy right now. Why is one of
    the best wrestlers from ECW doing a 16 year old’s minimum wage job?

  14. Verne Statts says:

    Luna (Gertrude) Vachon passed away August 27, 2010. Paul Bearer,a.k.a.
    Percy Pringle (actual name William Alvin Moody) passed away March 23, 2013.

  15. C LauB says:

    Is Paul Bearer dead

  16. MarLikesCars says:

    you guys realize this os fake lok

  17. Ben Brown says:

    I wonder if Gangrel ever hits up Godfather for some stripper girls to star
    in his porn movies…

  18. Giordano Bruno says:

    The Godfather owns a strip club in Vegas now? Oh that is just too perfect!

  19. kiegan vs games says:

    Fake Paul bearer was there until he died

  20. Carlo Mendez says:

    Tee hee… Godfather…. Gangrel

  21. Leo Fuentes says:

    You want to win big? Well you gotta gamble and sacrifice. You willing to do
    it? They had the guts to do it.

  22. tombrick says:

    People, look at the date this video was made…..all these posts about Paul
    Bearer having died, they just look stupid.

  23. robert owen says:

    LOL the godfather has his own strip club 

  24. carl bunker says:

    Need. To. Be updated. 

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